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Sell Your brand merchandise online - have an eshop built for You. Free of charge. Do not care about the inventory. Start today!

A to Z merchandise supply

We create, produce, deliver - working step by step to provide You with quality merchandise.

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Get an e-shop built for You

According to all up-to-date marketing principles and the psychology of customer behaviour. Quick and convenient payments, order management and opportunity to follow sales statistics in real time.

Creation of merchandise             design

Let our professional clothing designers and illustrators take care of it.


From taking the order to shipping it - we'll take care of all of it. Your client will be happy to receive the parcel quickly and professionally packed.

Customer service

Requests concerning the size, color or delivery terms will be directed to our customer support team.


CPC, CPM, CTR, SEO, conversions %, cost per result of ads - You don't need to learn all of that overnight. Let our specialists make the paid advertising tools serve You. Let us take care of the sales growth of Your e-shop.


Earn by doing what You like and receive extra income for further activity development.

"My merchandise" team

Our contemporary merchandise company is established in Lithuania but provides services in other European countries, such as France and Germany. Our aim is to take full care of Your merchandise supply, in order for You to concentrate on the main activity of the community.

What communities need branded merchandise most often?

Charity/ Social Cause

Working for a noble goal and looking for some extra channels to spread the message? Seeking for a new way of raising extra funds? You may be interested in the offer we are going to present. Benefits: greater community engagement, spreading the message through merchandise, extra funds for the activity development.

Sport Communities

Representing a sports club, playing for the team or bringing together team supporters? Colorful merchandise decoreted in team themes will stand you out from the crowd and create a team spirit. Benefits: creating and maintaining a team spirit, raising team popularity through merchandise, extra funds for the activity development.


Organizing an event and would like to become recognized? Are you the person participants will receive information from? Colorful merchandise decorated in themes of your company/team/event will stand You out from the crowd. Also, sharing the merchandise among the participants of the event will spread the message about your company/team/event outside the event. Benefits: raising popularity of the event through merchandise, extra funds for activity development.


Representing new or already well-known brand? Would You like to present it to broader audience and raise some extra funds? T-Shirt and other accessories of Your design will become an attractive way to accomplish that. Benefits: raising popularity of the brand, extra funds for the brand development.

internetinÄ—s bendruomenÄ—s

Carrying out an online activity but would like to attract more interested people? Would You like to bring together an online community, so that everybody felt a part of it? Friendship is built from little things - set up an eshop of Your design merchandise. Benefits: raising populiarity of an online community, spreading the message, extra funds for the activity development.


Have a music band or a dance group, do arts and participate in various events? Would You like Your fans to wear a part of You? Get dressesd and invite others to dress up in Your design! Benefits: spreading the message, raising popularity of Your band or arts, extra funds for supporting Your activity.

What our clients say / Client testimonials

Tom L.

My-Merchandise helps collecting extra money for our charity fund. A steady source of income lets us provide better living conditions for our sheltered animals.

Millie K.

My-Merchandise helped strengthening our sense of community and expressing ourselves. All orders were fulfilled on time, we had no problems with communication. We are satisfied with the final result and the quality of merchandise.

Monica S.

My-Merchandise services was a huge helper in collecting extra finances for our event to be quality and successful.

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